Oct 11, 2011

Christmas Season Once Again

Although it is only the middle of October, Christmas season will be here once again before you know it.

I recently came across a cool site called Gift Shopping Advice. It has a ton of product reviews, especially toys as well as gift ideas for Christmas and other holidays and special occasions.

For example you can find a huge list of cheap Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. I have to say this one of the most extensive lists of cheap gifts that are also pretty cool that I have ever come across. You definitely want to check it out before you do your Christmas shopping.

My Christmas Shopping List

Have you started making your Christmas list yet? I have started writing down little things here and there that I think would make good gifts for people. I am the tye of person that likes to get their shopping done well before Christmas.

I also like to shop online nowadays rather than deal with the crowds and lines at stores. Plus with kids in the house, it's not fun taking them out to stores when the store is super busy.

We are also trying to save some money on Christmas gifts this year as well, which is why I really liked that article on cheap gift ideas. It's kind of silly to spend so much money on gifts especially if they are ones that won't be used or for someone who already has everything they could want.

Anyways, I am already getting into the holiday spirit and looking forward to Christmas this year. How about you?