Nov 18, 2009

Christmas Gifts for a Newborn to 6 Months Old

Even though a newborn can't open their own Christmas gifts, it's still fun to go shopping for them. There are all kinds of different Christmas gifts that you can get for a newborn baby up to 6 months old. It all depends on what type of gift you are looking to give.

You can go the more sentimental route with a Baby's First Christmas stocking or a Baby's First Christmas ornament. You can make these even more special and personalize the gift with the baby's name and year.

If the baby is more towards the 5-6 months, you can consider getting them toys, such as rattles and interactive crib toys for Christmas gifts. If you really want to annoy the mom and dad, buy a toy that plays music or sounds over and over.

There are so many fun Christmas gifts for a little baby. Here are some more ideas for Christmas Gifts for a Newborn Baby Up to Six-Months Old.

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