Oct 27, 2010

Cheap Christmas Gifts for Kids

If you don't have that much money to put towards Christmas gifts for your kids, there are still some great gifts that you can afford that are very inexpensive. In fact, some of these gifts can be found for $1 or even less.

Plush Animals

If you visit your local Dollar Store or even discount store you can find plenty of plus animals that make great cheap Christmas gifts for kids. You can even take some Christmas ribbon and tie it around the animal's neck to dress it up even more. Often times you will find that a kid likes a stuffed animal more than other gifts because it makes them feel secure and gives them a "friend" to play with.

Coloring Books and Other Art Supplies

You can find coloring books for $1 or less as well as construction paper, crayons, paints, scissors, colored pencils, and markers. Again, your local dollar store will have plenty of options. You could easily fill a whole basket with art supplies for under $10 and it will keep your kids busy for days and days.


I have seen plenty of puzzles at the dollars store as well as discount outlet stores for only a few dollars. Puzzles are great because they not only entertain kids, but they are also great for teaching them skills as well. Just be sure that you get an age appropriate puzzle for the kid.

If you are short on money this holiday season, then you definitely want to check out your local dollar store or even Amazon for their cheap holiday deals. You can find plenty of ideas for cheap Christmas gifts for kids that won't cost you more than $5. You can also use these gift ideas as great stocking stuffers as well.

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