Sep 8, 2013

Fisher Price Cheerin' Minnie Mouse Doll – Hot Toy for Christmas 2013

New Cheerleader Minnie Mouse Doll

The new Fisher Price Cheerin' Minnie Mouse doll is sure to be a hit this Christmas. If you have a little girl who loves Minnie Mouse, you aren't going to want to wait to buy this toy as they are sure to go quick.

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Parents will recognize the popular "Hey Mickey!" song that Minnie sings for her Mickey Mouse, but kids will just love cheering alongside with her as she sings M-I-C-K-E-Y!

Minnie has a variety of different songs, cheers and different pom-pom routines that she does for your little girl. She also says motivation phrases to cheer Mickey on and shakes her pom-poms to go along with the cheers.

There are over 20 different phrases and cheers Minnie says, which means your little one will have hours of fun playing and cheering along until she learns all of Minnie's moves.

This interactive doll is very simple to do so younger children, even toddlers, will have no problem interacting with Minnie. All they have to do is press down on the button on Minnie's hoes to activate her cheering and singing.

Minnie holds her two white and pink pom-poms in her hands that also match her cheerleading outfit. The pom-poms aren't just any old pom-poms as they make the cheers and dances so much more fun as she swings them around.  There are 3 different positions that the doll shakes her pom-poms in.

 The new cheerleader Minnie Mouse doll won't disappoint any fan of the character, as the doll actually does sound just like the Minnie she knows and loves. It's not like some other interactive toys and you wouldn't even recognize the voice.

The doll is 14.5" inches tall and comes dressed in an adorable cheerleading uniform that features Minnie's iconic polka dots. The front of the uniform features a big "M" that could stand for Mickey or Minnie Mouse. And of course you can't forget the matching polka dot bow in her hair.

The great thing about an interactive toy like this is that your little one can actually get up and cheer along with Minnie. No more sitting on the couch or ground just sitting, but instead she gets to learn something and get active at the same time. Plus she will have so much fun with this doll.

Watch as your child cheers along with Minnie when you buy her the Cheerin' Minnie Mouse Doll.

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