Sep 6, 2013

Best Christmas Present for Husband

If you really want to outdo yourself this holiday season and get the best Christmas present for your husband, you are in luck. I have the perfect ideas for just about any husband that will put a smile on his face this Christmas.

The key to buying the best Christmas present for anyone is to really put some thought into the present and not just buy some old generic gift. You want to actually think about what your man enjoys and what he really wants that is within your budget.

Your husband doesn't have to be the hardest person to buy for on your Christmas list this year. Instead check out the best Christmas gift ideas for husbands below.

Hobby Gift

Give your husband a gift that has to do with his favorite hobby. Sticking to a hobby present is a great idea as long as you really get him something that he needs or wants.

For example if your husband is an avid fisherman, a new tackle box may be a better gift than a funny fishing hat with lures on it.  Another example would be if your man is into collecting model cars you wouldn't want to get him a container of model glue and paint but you could buy him a kit that he has wanted or you know he doesn't have already.

There really are all sorts of gifts that could fall into this category if your husband has a hobby. The key to getting the gift right is to actually ask him about his hobby and make a general conversation about it. He may just reveal to you more than you think and you can come up with the perfect gift. You could also do some research about it online or ask one of his friends to find the perfect Christmas gift that relates to your husband's hobby.

Concert or Sporting Event Tickets

If your husband loves music or has a certain band or musician that he simply can't stop listening to, then buy him concert tickets for Christmas. Even if the band isn't coming to your actual city you can even make it a small road trip for him to see them in concert.

This goes for sporting teams as well. If your guy has a favorite team but he doesn't get to actually go to the games, then buy him tickets and let him enjoy the team live.

You can choose to buy tickets for your husband and yourself or you can buy two tickets and let him bring a friend.


I understand that not every man is into tools, but there are lots of guys who would love getting a new tool for Christmas. If your guy enjoys tools or home improvement stuff, then make his dreams come true this Christmas and buy him his ultimate fantasy tool.

This tool could be a new saw or power drill. Or it could be something simpler such as a multi-tool or a pocket knife for everyday use.

Along with the tool gift idea you can also buy him a nice toolbox if he doesn't need any more actual tools. There are really nice stackable tool boxes as well as portable ones if he keeps his tools in his vehicle a lot of the time.

New Fun Gadget

If your man is more into gadgets than tools, then check out some of the fun new gadgets that have hit the market this year.

Some new gadgets would include the all new Xbox One or Playstation 4 if he is into gaming.

It could also be a new tablet like the iPad 5 or the iPad mini or you can go a little cheaper and get him a Kindle Fire. These tablets are great for not only reading but you can surf the net, play games, watch videos and email as well. They really can do a lot and can come in handy.

Another gadget gift may be a new smart phone for him. Maybe he has an old, outdated phone and needs a newer one or maybe he doesn't even have a smart phone yet and he needs one.

The Roku is a very cool gadget that is very popular nowadays. It basically allows you to stream movies and television through different things such as Amazon, Hulu, some cable companies, and even satellite services. With this you can basically get your movies services and not even have to have a regular cable bill every month. This is definitely something you should look into if your guy is a movie lover.

Your best Christmas present for your husband is going to be different than another woman's best gift for her husband. This is why you have to put some thought into shopping and the above list is just ideas to help get you thinking about the best gift for your guy.

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