Oct 7, 2013

Gift Idea for 10 Year Old Girls: Jewelry Making Sets for Girls

If you are stuck on what to get a 10 year old girl for a gift then you should definitely consider jewelry making sets for girls. There are all kinds of different jewelry sets you can choose from such the latest craze of rubber bracelets to fashion headbands.

Check out the all different great gift ideas of jewelry making sets for girls below and make a 10 year old girl really happy this Christmas.

Most Popular Jewelry Making Sets for Girls

Twistz Bands Rainbow Loom Set

Rubber brand bracelets are the latest rage right now with young girls. This is actually a loom that you use to make different patterns with the included rubber bands to make some super cute bracelets. The set comes with 600 latex free rubber bands in a variety of different colors as well as instructions and templates to make several different style of bracelets.

Right now this would probably be the biggest hit with any 10 year old girl. It's fun to make the bracelets with the loom and different colors and then you can show off your styles when you wear them or give them to friends.

Fashion Headbands Kit

This set has a wide array of different plain headbands along with all the accessories you need to make several different fashion headbands. You can create 10 headbands with this kit.

There are flowers, ribbons, feathers, a butterfly, and rhinestones that can all be used to make these pretty fashion headbands.

This would also make a nice gift for a girl's birthday party or a rainy day activity she can do with a friend and they can each make their own headbands.

Opti Art Gemstone Jewelry Kit

This is a pretty cool jewelry kit that combines different paper patterns along with gemstones to make all kinds of different cool jewelry pieces.

The kit comes with everything you need to make pins, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and hairclips.  Girls can come up with their own creations using the supplies and it will keep them busy for quite some time. The jewelry looks nice and isn't cheap looking even though this kit is very inexpensive.

Do It Yourself Friendship Bracelet Set

With this set you can make up to 22 fun friendship bracelets in a variety of different styles. Girls can keep them or give them out to their different friends.

There are 4 looms that are included that allow you to make 2 different style bracelets  for a total of 4 patterns along with 22 colors of floss and beading needle. If you ever made friendship bracelets when you were a young girl this set makes it easier.

Girls can definitely get creative wit these jewelry making sets for girls. Ten years old is a perfect age for these sets and make great gifts that girls can use over and over.

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