Oct 14, 2013

When Should You Start Christmas Shopping?

I hear the question, "When should you start Christmas shopping?" all the time from friends, family members and even other friends online.

My answer is always, "Whenever you want."

My belief is that it is never too early to start your Christmas shopping. In fact I actually will pick up gifts for other people all throughout the year if I see something that I know they would love and can get it for a really good price.

For example, my daughter absolutely loves stuffed animals. She has about 20 stuffed animals that she rotates sleeping with. (She would sleep with all of them if I let her!)

After Christmas I was at a local department store and they had these Christmas teddy bears that were marked 70% percent off, so I picked up two of them and will be giving them to her as a Christmas gift this year. She will love the teddy bears and I only paid about $5 for two of them when they were originally around $15 each.

If you are looking for an official start to the Christmas shopping season, most people consider Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) as the kickoff to the holiday shopping season.

But, I know lots of people who start their Christmas shopping the day after Halloween because that is usually when stores start running pretty good sales for holiday items.

I have actually been known to be done Christmas shopping (except for a few added bonus gifts) by the time Black Friday even rolls around. I am the type of person that likes to get shopping done early so I know I have everything.

That is just who I am but I know plenty of people who start shopping on the weekend after Thanksgiving as well as people who don't start shopping until the week before Christmas.

It really is your choice when you start Christmas shopping, but I do recommend you try my tip of shopping throughout the year if you can get some awesome deals on gifts you know people would love.

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