Jul 10, 2014

Think Hobbies When It Comes to Gifts for Guys

When it comes to buying gifts for guys, one of the easiest ways that I figure out a good gift idea is to look at the man's hobbies.

Whether I am buying a gift for my dad, brother, or husband, I can usually come up with a good idea that has to do with their hobby, no matter what it may be.

Here are some examples of popular hobbies that men may have and some gift ideas for each one.

Hobby: Guns

My husband is a big gun enthusiast, so I know that I can buy him anything to do with guns and ammo and he will be happy. It doesn't even matter if he already has the item or something like it.

If you want a simple gift for a gun enthusiast, then look for things like ammo, shooting targets, and even things like shooting related bumper stickers and pictures. You can even get them a t-shirt that shows their love of shooting.

If you don't mind spending more money then go for something like a gun cleaning kit, small handgun safe, and gun and rifle bags. You can also find some ammo cases for pretty cheap and buy a few of them and even fill them with ammo for a really nice gift.

Hobby: Golf

Golf lovers are pretty easy to buy for as well.

If you want a simple and inexpensive gift, things like golf balls, tees, and even a practice putting kickback putter. You could even put together a nice gift basket with a few golf balls, tees, golf towels, and maybe a gift certificate for a round of golf at a nice local golf course.

For more expensive gifts, you can always buy him new clubs, a new quality made golf bag, a membership to a local golf course, or some nice golf clothes.

If you really want to impress him, buy him some personalized golf balls or a golf GPS tracker.

Hobby: Sports and Sports Teams

If you have a guy in your life who is really into a certain sports team or watching a certain sport, then you should have plenty of options for gifts.

Keep it simple with a t-shirt or a hat from the team or even something really inexpensive like a bumper sticker or beach towel.

If you don't mind spending the money, tickets to a game or sporting event is probably the ultimate gift idea. If the tickets aren't that expensive you can always add in a nice shirt to wear to the game as well.

If your guy likes to actually play the sport, then just find something that he can use. For example if he plays soccer you can buy him a t-shirt that has to do with soccer or some practice gear for the sport. If he likes to play softball, then buy him some new batting gloves or some shorts and socks he can wear to the game.

Hobby: Beer

If your man really likes beer and is a beer connosiurr, then this should be pretty easy to buy him a gift.

Find his favorite beer of all time and simply buy him some. If you don't know what his favorite is or you can't find it, then check out some of the local brewarioes that you have around you and see if they offer tours for a gift.

You can also find beer of the month clubs that you can sign him up for and he can get different beers each month to try.

Hobby: Fishing or Camping

For a guy that likes to fish or camp, simply buy him stuff he can use outdoors. This could be as simple as a nice hat for being out in the sun or even something small like a mini keychain size multi tool or knife.

If you don't mind spending more money, things like a new fishing rod, reel, tackle box, and  utility vest could be good gift ideas for fishermen.

For men who like to camp, simple survival tools like a nice quality knife or a little portable tool set would be a good gift idea as well as other items like a new sleeping bag,  a small portable stove, and an air mattress would also be great gifts.

No matter what hobby the guy has, there are always items you buy that would relate to the hobby and be something that he would love and use.

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