Nov 23, 2012

New Wii U Game Console - Just In Time for Christmas

There is an all new gaming console and so far it has been hit with plenty of rave reviews. The new Wii U was released last week and for most people unless you pre-ordered your console you may be paying a lot more money than they are worth to get it for Christmas this year.

If you were lucky enough to get a Wii U console, then you are probably looking at what types of games are available right now and which ones are worth the money. The New Super Mario Bros. U is probably the most popular game right now and has some pretty cool features. If you are a fan of Mario Brothers games then this game is a must-have for your Wii U.

If you have kids at home or know a kid that got the Wii U system there are a few kids games that are available as well. Check out this article on the Best Wii U Games for Kids.

If you aren't having any luck getting a Wii U system right now, then I bet that after Christmas you won't have that much trouble finding these game consoles back in stock and selling for normal price. It may just have to be a New Year gift or a special tax refund gift in a few months.

You can check out the Wii U Game System Here

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