Oct 23, 2012

Kid-Friendly Christmas Decorations

I have 3 small children in my house and I know that when I get my Christmas decorations out it is always a struggle to find where to put the breakable ones so I know they are safe from little hands.

Well, this past year I thought I would do something different and check out some kid-friendly Christmas decorations so that my kids can help decorate more and have their own decorations that they can play with.

Here are some of the more kid-friendly Christmas decorations I came across.

Fisher Price Little People Christmas Sets

My kids still play with their other Little People sets so I thought one of these would be perfect for Christmas. There is a Christmas village set as well as other play sets that you can set up such as Santa's workshop and Christmas on Main Street.

There is also a wonderful nativity scene that even lights up and plays the song "Away In A Manger." I love this set because it helps teach children what Christmas is actually about.

LEGO Christmas Village Set

If you have older children (older than around 4-5) then check out the LEGO Christmas village. This is a huge set that contains tons of different accessories so you can make your Christmas village look different every day.

Kids will love setting up the different scenes and places and having fun with the little details such as the snowballs, the gifts under the tree and other special touches. This really does make a nice Christmas decoration that even adults will love.

There are plenty of other kid-friendly Christmas decorations so you can take the stress out of your Christmas decorating this year.

Part of the LEGO Christmas Village Set

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