Oct 2, 2012

Less Than 3 Months Till Christmas!

Once again it is that time of year.

I have already started making my kid's wish lists for Christmas and saving it online so when it does come time to buy the gifts I know exactly what I am buying and how much I will be spending.

So far on list for my daughter are the Winx Club Believix Dolls.

My older son is really looking forward to the Switch & Go Dinos.

My youngest son would absolutely love the Fisher Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza.

These are just some of the gifts that are on the wish lists this year.

Within the next 2 or so months I'm sure I will be adding plenty more gift ideas for my kids.

I have been also working on gathering lists for people like my husband, parents, and other older family members. I plan on sharing these gift ideas with you soon and help you plan your Christmas shopping as well.

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