Oct 8, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girl

My daughter will be 4 years old this Christmas and she has a ton of things she wants already (typical girl huh?)

I thought I would share with you some of the toys she has said she wants for Christmas this year to maybe help you shop for a 3-5 year old girl in your life.

The first thing she says she absolutely has to have is the new Tinker Bell movie. The movie called Secret of the Wings comes out on October 23 on DVD and is sure to be a hit with any Tinker Bell fan out there. It is a nice option for a cheaper Christmas gift under $20.

Another thing she saw a commercial for and has put on her wish list is the Gymnastics Dora Doll. This Dora doll performs a few different gymnastics routine with a simple push of a button. She also sings and has several phrases she says as well. Perfect for any Dora fan.

My daughter is just getting into the whole Barbie scene and noticed that Barbie has a new movie out. The Princess and the Popstar is Barbie's new movie about a princess and a popstar who change lives because they think the other person has it much better. There are also Barbie dolls and other play toys that go along with the movie.

If you are looking for a bigger item Christmas gift for your 4 year old girl, then check out this KidKraft Dollhouse Buying Guide. It has the most popular dollhouses and details about where you can buy them for a low price as well as what dollhouse may be best for your little girl. I know my daughter would love a huge dollhouse for Christmas this year.

There are also a few different dolls that my little girl is interested in as well. She watches the Winx Club on TV and there is a new line of these dolls called the Believix Dolls. They are fairy dolls that even have interchangeable wings. Another doll she has mentioned are the Cutie Pop Dolls. These dolls do have small parts so you may want to be careful with younger kids. They have interchangeable "pop" that you can use to decorate the dolls from their hair to their different outfits.

I'm sure as the weeks go on my daughter will be adding more toys and dolls to her Christmas wish list. One tip that I found really easy to keep track of what she wants is to make a wish list on my Amazon.com account. Even if I don't buy from Amazon I still have all the information and a price comparison in one place.

Gymnastics Dora Doll

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