Oct 10, 2012

Christmas Gift for My Husband

I can't forget my husband when it comes to Christmas. I have been already thinking long and hard as to what I want to buy him for Christmas. We are the type of people that don't really go all out for gifts for each other but for some reason I want this year to be different.

I have been looking at these luxury watches called tourbillon watches and know my husband would love one. The watch he used to have has been broke for some time (about 3 years) and he just hasn't ever gotten it fixed or bought a new one.

These watches are quite expensive but I did come across several cheaper options that are available as well. I can buy him a nice watch for under $300, which is an awesome price for a watch like that. I have seen some of these watches run over $10,000. Of course we don't have that kind of money to spend for Christmas gifts, but I think a nice watch for $200 or so would be pretty cool especially if it looks like a more expensive one that costs thousands of dollars.

I haven't told my husband yet what I am buying him and want it to be a surprise but thought I would share with other wives out there who may be stuck on what to buy their guy for Christmas this year.

Cool-Looking Tourbillon Watch

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